Saturday, October 26, 2013

Girls, take care of your fucking friends.

I thought this was something only college girls did.  Going out to a party "with their girls" and just having a good time.  Really getting in touch with their feminine side by dressing up sexy and flirting around and being the sexual (but not slutty) life of the party.  Bringing men in from all sides and glorying in the attention and power.

Then drinking too much.

Then abandoning their friends.

I have seen literally dozens of groups of female "friends" (with each other) out at parties doing exactly what I say above.  As soon as one of their friends has too much or the emotional stimulation of something grabs their attention harder than their girlfriends, they flit off and leave their friends to their own fates.


Tonight was the Halloween celebration night for Seoul and I was out with some friends in Hongdae.  I was having an awesome time and my group was doing great.  I noticed suddenly that some female friends of a girl I've been seeing for the past year, 손님, had arrived at the bar.  I greeted them happily and asked where 손님 was since I knew that she usually went out with these girls when she went out.  They pointed to her, passed out on a bench.

Maybe some people would have let her sleep.  Maybe it was the best idea.  But when I have a friend in that state, I take care of them - and that means getting them water and getting them home.

손님 is a girl I care about very much, but she isn't my girlfriend.  But I woke her up and went and got her water from the bar.  As I pulled her upright and was attempting to get her to drink, her friend comes over and IN A GOOD NATURED TONE (the friend didn't recognize me either because she doesn't know me well or because I was in costume) confronts me about touching her passed out friend.  I say to her, "Do you know who I am?" and explain that I'm 손님's boyfriend (the other friend I recognized in the group recognized me immediately).  I ask her why she hasn't done anything to help her friend and I move to take 손님 outside.  I have to walk her because she can barely stand.  The other friends ghost away.

I get outside and dumb bitch friend confronts me and demands that I have 손님 sit on a farther away bench than I am already taking her to.  I tell her to get out of my way and I'm sitting her down and giving her some water.  She gets up in my face and threatens to hit me.  I told her if she touched me I would slap her.  She starts cursing at me and trying to be a belated good friend (because she's a dumb bitch and couldn't admit she had acted poorly and didn't take care of her friend) to 손님 by trying to get her away from me because she "doesn't know if I'm just thinking with my dick or not." She berates me about stupid shit like how convenient it is I found 손님 like this and how I live in Seoul and it all has worked out so perfectly for me.  I ignored her and moved to deal with the situation by talking to the other friend who approached.  The other friend, the one who knew me, seems coherent and seems to understand 손님 needs to go home.  I asked her to please go inside and get 손님's coat.  She says she will.  Ten minutes later (and a lot of dumb bitch friend being a dumb bitch, of fucking course) she hasn't returned and dumb bitch, trying to regain some lost ground of general intelligence, demands I go inside to find 손님's jacket and purse (which I politely asked dumb bitch friend to do earlier while I was sitting 손님 down and giving her water, but she vehemently refused because she's a dumb bitch).

I go inside and find the other friend WHO HAS GONE BACK TO DANCING AND HAVING A GOOD TIME INSTEAD OF DOING THE ONE SIMPLE ERRAND I ASKED HER TO DO IN ORDER TO HELP HER FRIEND.  She hands me what I find out later to be a random purse and jacket that don't belong to 손님 at all.  A whole ordeal ensues of finding the owner whose purse I have mistakenly stolen (thank goodness it ended up being a girl who was part of the group, and who was equally uninterested in taking care of things until I informed her I had accidentally taken her purse and probably jacket and could she please come out and check and see if it's hers.)

I go out and 손님 starts clinging to me.  She's drunk as fuck, probably going to be sick, but not in any real danger.  She just needs to go home.  Some white knights out there would probably take charge to the point of getting her all the way to her house or a place to stay.  I had other friends who I had abandoned (who were not in any kind of trouble because I'm not retarded) and felt I was already going above and beyond when this lady friend of mine had a whole group of friends who SHOULD HAVE BEEN LOOKING OUT FOR HER! But the friend who recognized me, seeing an opportunity to be irresponsible, took it, and drank too much and ended up in EXACTLY THE SAME STATE AS 손님!  Her boyfriend came out and took care of her right away, because he's a man and not stupid (which doesn't mean all women are dumb, just these ones and every girl who abandons her friends when they need help).

They try to figure out where they will stay for the night while I practically carry 손님 to a cab.  They sit there and puzzle over how to get a cab for fifteen fucking minutes and nobody takes my advice to have one person cross the two god damn lane road and hail a cab from the other side, then have people join it if they stop.  I was sitting with 손님 at the time and she was clinging to me and recovering somewhat.

They finally hail a cab, dumb bitch friend gets in with 손님 (oh I also went to a convenience store and got plastic bags in case she were to get sick in the car, because I think of things further than 30 seconds into the future) and the other two friends who came along bail and go look for more fun things to do.

I could be called guilty here as well because I didn't get into the cab or take 손님 to my house like she was asking me to (dumb bitch friend already made it clear she thought I was a rapist and wasn't to be trusted, despite all evidence to the contrary including her own stupid actions and inability to handle a crisis).   But like I said, to dumb bitch friend I referred to myself as a boyfriend but I am not the boyfriend.  I'm the guy 손님 likes, who also likes her and we hang out occasionally, and I didn't go to the bar with her (she just ended up there with me) and I didn't go out with her together.

In conclusion, women.  Don't be fucking childish dumb bitches who have the loyalty of hungry house cats.  When your friends need you, you should be there, not some guy your friend is boning, not some stranger, and you should definitely not be leaving your friend to deal with it herself when she's fucking incontinent.  This is not the first time I've seen this bullshit and it should NEVER happen.  Have some god damned decency.