Sunday, December 7, 2008

FR: First girl from the internet

Here is our e-mail conversation from start to finish...

=====Dasani122 WROTE:=====
awww, you posted all pictures of you not smiling! But you know what, you haven't fooled me. Deep down, under all your seriousness, theres a kid-at heart goober out to run around on the playground and get pushed down by the boy she likes best. Seriously, if you and I went out on the town, there would be trouble. I'm talking sidewalk chalk trouble =)

=====m**** WROTE:=====
It's true. In real life I'm always smiling, and I cause a lot of trouble.

=====Dasani122 WROTE:=====
OH yeah? So if you and me got together to devise a clever caper/heist, I could at least count on you to be my getaway driver? What are your other trouble talents?

=====m**** WROTE:=====
Getaway driver I am not...I never learned how to drive and my permit's been expired for about five months. I'm apparently pretty good at being bad at my job though, as I've found out this week!

=====Dasani122 WROTE:=====
That's rough. I was actually really good at my job, then my supervisor encouraged me to fake some things...didn't end well. That's ok though, I got my weekends back =)

So if you can't drive, how do you get out to do things


=====m**** WROTE:=====
I take the bus or I walk, but I don't get out much and it's not because I don't have a car, it's because I don't have a social life yet. YET!

=====Dasani122 WROTE:=====
Well I dig that you're honest about it, no reason to become a hermit though =)

Hey I like talking with you and I'd like to do it a little easier, shoot me your phone number and I'll give you a call. If we get along on the phone, maybe we'll hang out sometime.

What's your name, by the way.


=====m**** WROTE:=====
I'm xxx-xxx-xxxx. My name is Cupid.

Cupid (obvi)

We texted occasionally for a couple of days (I don't want to dig through my phone to find them all) and then she told me that she works with XML. I responded with something like "My knowledge of computer stuff got stunted by a bad teacher in highschool, so I take that to mean you build websites. You must enjoy takeout." Which looking back says "I know nothing about your profession and I might have just called you fat" So I got nervous when I didn't get a quick reply and said something else to inoculate it, "And I'm gunna go grab some right now, I'll give you a call tonight, when is a good time." Which got a nonresponse still.

I forgot about her for awhile, and then the last part of my 50th post happened. I agreed to call her about 7 and we'd meet up. Got a late start, Littleone was over, so I texted her and said I'd push back till 7:30 and called her a little after then. I didn't really know what to say so it was a quick, minute long logistical call, "hey whats up, blah blah thats cool, ok so heres the plan, have you been to the nickel arcade? Great, we're going, where do you live, be there in half an hour bye." She had a really cute voice so I was a little excited if also a touch nervous. First girl from the internet!

I drove out to her place and picked her up, gave her a hug upon meeting, and we got in the car. She is actually pretty funny, which surprised me because girls never make me laugh. I was a little too uncomfortable to really relax and enjoy myself though, pretty much all night. I had a good time, but I know it would have been better if I didn't care. She was a tad pudgier than I imagined, in her words, "I'm the only person who has moved to portland and gained weight, everybody here is a vegan" but she had great big tits and was cuter in person than in her pictures.

We went to the nickel arcade, which I'm totally going to make a staple of my dates because its a blast. The most expensive games cost 5 nickels, and they're games that cost like a dollar in a regular arcade. You can also win tickets and buy prizes and there's crane machines for getting stuffed animals (she won four tiny stuffed animal keychains for her and her coworkers, I got enough tickets to buy one of those slippery squishy water things). She had never really played games like that before, and she really got into it, and actually had me cracking up while we were playing this one shooting game. It wasn't a real good place for conversation though, next time I think I'll go out for a drink or coffee or a bite (there are restaurants, bars, and coffee shops all over that area right by the arcade) first, then if we have fun, bounce to the arcade to bask in the playful vibe of videogaming and prizes.

After we left (only spent $15, $2.50 each for an admission ticket and $5 each in nickels) we went for a walk in the area and just talked. It was ok. The zipper on my sweatshirt broke, which sucked, and it's so cold she had her hands in her pockets which makes it hard to try to hold them. Note to self, although it makes a convenient excuse to touch a little bit, walking on the outside of the road feels false every single time I do it on purpose. She told me she's been hooking up with her married coworker, that she is always the other woman, that she lost her virginity at 21 and 1/2 (she's 23). Some of it volunteered information (her hookups) but some of it prompted. I never felt a vibe or a connection with her, which is hard to do when I'm not fully comfortable. End of the night I drove her home and she lingered for a minute after the obligatory "I had a really good time tonight." I didn't feel a vibe so I didn't want to be cliche and got for a goodnight kiss, especially knowing she's banging a married dude and that we're both not looking for anything serious. It would just have been too couply. So I gave her a hug and said "that's all you get. I'll give you a call sometime, night."

I think I should have at least asked to use the bathroom in her place to see if she would ask me to stay longer or offer me a drink or something. Also, I think a Sinn line would have been appropriate at some point in the night, "I'm trying to get into your pants" to let her know where I wanted to take it, which definitely would have helped with the vibe. Remember, don't be afraid to find out she doesn't like you. I'd rather have a girl straight up tell me she doesn't like me than have me acting all murky looking for signs that may or may not be there.

I'll call her after finals, one thing that I liked about her is shes cognizant of things that attract and repulse her, and one thing she said she hates (which meshes with both my own experience and community philosophy) is having guys be "terminally available."

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Halffull said...

Hey man, from what I've experienced with the online stuff... it's not necessary to do any of the date stuff.

If she asks, what are we gonna do, the response is just "it doesn't matter, we'll have fun no matter what we do."

Chill at the Dorm/House, watch a little TV, dance to imaginary music, go into the room, play a computer game on the bed, close.

I feel you on the connecting thing tho... it can get awkward as fuck with online chicks. Best thing I've found is just start out with a hug from the beginning.