Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just thought of this...

I was just thinking, and I might come back to this later and see if it still resonates with me...

You can like a body, but the girl is what's left over after you cum.

So the difference between being attracted to somebody and being interested in them is what you still see after you've had an orgasm. I could only be speaking for myself (but I doubt it) but after I finish, the physical desire for a woman's body disappears, even if only for a few seconds. It is replaced by reason and clear thinking. It's the time where after you just had sex with a girl who isn't on BC, without a condom because in the heat of the moment you said "fuck it," you say "Oh fuck." It's the time where you make the decision of whether or not you're going to ever want to see this girl again, or if you're me, whether or not you tricked yourself into mistaking attraction for "liking."

So if you're genuinely interested in who she is, or if you're "attracted" to her, as a being and not as a body, that is what remains. That is what you see during that moment of clarity. I've definitely said this before, and I've definitely thought it prior to this writing, but I've never come up with a phrase that's quite as stylistically pleasing as the one that inspired this post:

"You can like a body, but the girl is what's left over after you cum."

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