Saturday, October 11, 2008


Went to a friend's birthday party last night, lots of fun and good times all around. I met a pretty cute asian girl wearing a playboy bunny outfit, Asia.

Asia and I flirt on and off throughout the night, I had her take my phone number and call my phone, then we left a voicemail on her phone together, and I also had her text me asking me to call her. She's wearing my headband from my costume.

The end of the night rolls around and I get in the car to get a ride home. Asia is driving a couple other people, in their car, back to their place. We get there, they unload, Asia and I get into the car of one of her friends and head back to the original party, where we change cars again, this time it's just me and Asia and she's taking me home.

We get here and I say, "pull up into the driveway and park, and come inside for a second" She says ok and complies. We go inside, I get some water, we go up to my room. I close the door, change out of my costume (muay thai fighter) and start talking about my little movie collection and ask her to pick one. We choose Casino Royale, she's sitting on my bed and says something I call her a liar, she says she never lies, so I sit near her, moving gradually closer and say "you don't lie? never? you'd never lie to me..." as I close in and kiss her. She kisses me but she's all non commital about the kiss. We kiss a little more, she says she should go, I say I want her to stay, she says ok and we start the movie. We cuddle, makeout, cuddle, makeout, she can't seem to accept that I really like her, "I don't usually dress like this, you're going to see me around at school and you're going to think I look like a bum" I say something to the effect of "whatever."

Turns out Asia is a virgin. A legit virgin, to quote Millennium, "They DO exist..!"

She really wants me to call, I'm going to, but we'll see. I've never been with an asian girl before, but she's also a virgin. She left a little later.

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