Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So theres this girl...

Imagine that!

Anyway, I'll call her Beej. So I used to have a thing for Beej, it never worked out for whatever reason, then recently she started giving me signs for some reason or another. One night she messaged me and said she "still had never been over to see my house" but I was busy and I told her so, and she said "ok fiiiiiine."

Anyway, I'm a little drunk and I was talking with FemmeFatale (good friend now) and left to use the bathroom. Beej is sitting on the stairs, we chat, I go do my thing, come back, sit down, she starts touching my leg and is receptive to me brushing the hair out of her face, so we start making out on the stairs in the lounge of this dorm. People keep coming in and out so we keep having to stop, I try to get her to leave, no dice and she's locked out of her room, waiting on the roommate to come open it up.

Anyway, I leave, that was like last saturday, so I text her...

"Dasani!! What's up?"

"Reading homework, thinking i want a break soon"

"Breaks are always good!"

"Totally, what are you doing"

"Just reading for ed class"

"Thats dumb. Lets watch a movie, my friends rented this old comedy that I've been meaning to watch"

"hahaha ok fine.... Only if we can start it soon though"

"Yeah that works, my place is 5 mins from you. Need directions?"



She comes over and seems kinda nervous. I heard her come in, I was up in my room, and so I walked down to greet her. She was following my housemate, said Hi, and just walked right by me. Weird. So I kicked it downstairs for a minute, she came down, I got us some water and we both headed upstairs.

I took a few minutes to just talk TO her and try to help her get over whatever nerves she was feeling. I say TO because she wasn't talking. I tossed it up to nerves. Put in the movie ("The Pickup Artist" with Robert Downey Jr. I really enjoyed it), she sat down on the very edge of my bed (it's positioned toward my computer like a couch would be toward a tv), so I offered her a pillow for her back, she declined. She was already like 2 feet away from where I would have had her sit. So I remembered my lesson from TheActress, and I reached across and pulled her in and told her to sit closer. She semi resisted, and moved a couple inches away from me. Wtf?

We watch the whole movie a few inches apart. She doesn't laugh at the funny parts, she clutches her water and sits with her knees drawn almost up to her chest. I call her out on acting weird and nervous, of course she says she isnt.

I'm wondering why the heck she travelled all the way to my house (not that its very far, like 5-6 blocks, but it is chilly outside and was like 9:30 pm on a school night) to watch a movie if she didn't AT LEAST want to sit with me.

The end of the movie comes along, I had been trying to get her to chase a little or at least be receptive by laying away from her, then I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back I sat close again. She didn't move away this time, but I think now (foreshadowing!) that she was just trying to not be awkard by making it obvious she wasn't interested.

Anyway, I turn to her and say "hey this is kinda 7th grade boy, but do you want t kiss me?" She says no, appologizes, the movie ends, and I walk her to the door.

So here I am, puzzling over it and typing this up, and she texted me...
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lead you on. I just thought you knew we are just friends."

"It's not a big deal. It's just weird"

"Why weird??"

Seriously? I don't know where to go with this in terms of attempting to move a rejection back into the green zone, so I just tell her how it is.

"You would only make girl excuses anyway, so dont worry about it, were just friends"

I'm a little annoyed at the whole affair, so I invited FemmeFatale over to kick it. I like this plan, get rejected by one, call another over. Not that I think FF will hook up with me, but it's nice anyway!

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