Saturday, October 11, 2008

LR: LittleOne

Not much to say about this one. It was a few weeks coming, but it inevitably did. I was at LittleOne's place the other night, just watching a movie and cuddling, it was understood I was going to stay the night. She starts humping my leg, we start fooling around, and finally she lets the panties come off. We couldn't have sex because it was the one night I didn't bring a condom with me, because I genuinely didn't want to have sex that night (before that point).

The next night I went over, had her take me out to dinner, then we went back and sealed the deal, "You did bring a condom this time, right?" It's good to be with somebody I actually like. Speaking of which, I give credit to (though it's a correlation, not a cause) this happening, the end of her LMR, to a text I sent (and the amount of time we spent together).

Me: "You miss, are a little tiny female"

Her: "oh really. you're so observant"

Me: "Yep, and I have another observation..."

Her: "What is it"

Me: "I like you :)"

Her: "aww, I think I like you too"

Just something sweet for her to think about while we were apart, a few days before we finally had sex.

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