Sunday, November 23, 2008

FR: couple of nights

From shame to good times.

On Friday I was heading over to ImaginaryGirl's house for a party she was having, and for some reason I got it into my head that I had to get drunk. I think I somehow equated success with this girl with getting drunk. Weird, wrong. Drank at my place, went to her place, drank some more, met some random dude who invited me over to take shots, drank at his place, went back to the party, finished my drinking. IG was too busy to even really notice me, whatever. I was so drunk I started trying to isolate unnattractive girls 5 seconds after conversation. Not like mini isolate, but come outside and go behind this corner into a dark alley with me isolate. Ug, gross. Came home, made an ass of myself, but did manage to hook up one of my buddies with my housemate, who has had a massive crush on him. 3 of my housemates gave me a standing ovation the next morning, that was kind.

This one girl who wears too much makeup came over, I told her I thought she was sexy as fuck, she gave me a dirty look. This pissed me off, so I made it my goal to piss her off. Accomplished it. Next morning I was a bit embarrassed by my behavior, so I decided if I saw MakeupGirl again i would apologize. More for me than her really, my behavior was just so far below my standard for myself.

Anyway, went to a party last night and she was there, so I swooped in and did my thing, she said thank you. Done. I had a lot of friends at the party (something I was missing at IG's party) so I just chilled out. No alcohol for me that night or for awhile. Its great, once I just relax and enjoy myself, I become social, so I started reaching out. There was this one drunk girl in the basement, I'll call her FlirtyGirl, who was literally flirting with every guy who crossed her path, hard. Well it came my turn (and make no mistake, though I was "gaming" this girl, this didn't take any game, just me being slightly more rad than the other guy) and she asks my name, I said I wasn't sure if I wanted to tell her, but I'd give her a kiss on the cheek if she could guess, "What happens if I get it wrong!?"
"I'll give you a hug and tell you you're cute anyway."
She gets faux indignant and starts to walk away, and comes right back and asks one of my girl-friends what my name is, the girl tells FlirtyGirl "It's Lord Baron Von Dasani!" for which I love her. So the girl comes in and says that to me, and I give her a little kiss and flirt some more.

This was where it was fun. I wasn't going to try anything with this girl, but flirting with her was pumping me up. Then she grabs onto some other dude, and I decided to make a game of it. See if I could pull her back to me.

"oh heeeyyyy!!!" She flies off him and latches onto me
"I have an intuition about you.."

blah blah blah, I made something up about how she likes to be the center of attention, I'm wrong, she says she just likes to be social, I tell her I like that about her. I let her go because the dude is standing awkwardly and I don't want to win so easily.

A couple minutes later I come back and take her away from him again, and tell her to give me her hands. I already knew it was well passed on, I think she had madeout with the other dude before I started my private game, but whatever. I told her that in highschool I was the junior instructore for the swing club, and that my job was to teach all the new people and get them up to speed with the rest of the group. I said my favorite move was the dip, and she wanted to see, and I told her we needed more room. She willingly follows me outside, where there are two people chilling, then out behind a fence, where I do a shitty dip and we start making out hard. I tried to get into her pants, no dice, so I had her give me a handjob. It was tentative, but she still did it. She flat out said no when I told her to go down on me. I tried to get her back to my place, "where do you live?"
"oh nice, my old dorm."
"where do you live?"
"3 blocks. Come back with me and have a drink."
For some reason I didn't think of tacobell. Tacobell always ropes people in.

We went back inside, she tried to hold my hand, I made it seem like I didn't notice. Not because I didn't want to or because I'm mean, I just didn't want to lock myself out with anybody else or make it seem like I just pulled her outside to hookup.

Went back to the group in the basement, exchanged numbers, left a team voicemail, met a couple other girls. I had also talked to this super tiny/skinny girl for most of the party who was related to one of the girls but had no friends at that party. God I sound like a predator. Getting the drunk flirty girl and talking with the girl who has no friends. Whatever, I was nice to her and she was entertaining cute. She mentioned her boyfriend, when I asked how it was going she said it was going. I would normally take this as a sign that she's into me, but there were really no other signs other than her starting the conversation when I dropped it. She gave me a great hug when I left, decided I shouldn't try for the number, I'll probably see her again.

Fun night.

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