Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Online Game Research

I was off to the library, and got it into my head to send out a random goofy message to a crowd of girls on OkCupid. Usually I send out one, maybe two messages at a time. Mistake. I'm pretty certain online game is largly a numbers game (although you can improve your average for sure), so sending out a message to a large number of girls is better than sending to one, waiting, then sending to another.

So, thus far, with my completely non extensive research (tonight)...

1. Choose an opener - in this case, my opener was "You know what? You totally look like the kind of girl who likes to play the nice girl, but really she's trouble. I mean seriously, if we hung out, it would be awful! Walking through a mall you'd just scamper off and be like "hold up one second" and come back with a new hat or something, with a little grin, bragging about how you stole it! Seriously, how could you embarass me like that ;)" With the subject header being "i think that you're the type who likes "

2. Send messages rapid fire. I didn't want to deplete my resources in Portland by testing there, so I sent messages to places across the country. Go to Browse and set up your options. Go down the list and open 3-4 people at a time in new tabs, leaving the original tab for more browsing (this makes it faster to send out mass messages). Go through the tabs of girls you want to message, don't even look at profiles or pics beyond the thumbnail given to you. I definitely messaged some UGs, but the way I see it, girls online have absurd screening policies, even 2's and 3's will screen you out like a 10 in a club. So fuck it, I messaged them all in an effort to actually learn a repeatable system. (Sinn talked about having multiple streams of women in your life, so this is me tapping into online streams.) Message tons of people

Statistics As of Now

Total messages sent:
Total Unique Replies as of now (5 hours after sending): 7

Not effing bad. Almost all of them were nearly instant too.

Sidenote: Two of the seven replies were actually instant messages, one girl said "I'm kind of blown away at how well you read me..." and the other said "ok so you win first prize for weirdest message I've ever gotten" and I had conversations with both. The latter gave me her AIM name, the former says she is going to add me on facebook. The former was hotter.


Hypothesis for Improvement: 1. Messaging girls while they are online produces good results and could potentially increase response rate.
2. Having a profile that doesn't suck could get girls who are initially interested, interested enough to actually reply (my profile currently sucks, hard).

I think I'll change up my opener after about 100 messages. Hopefully I'll keep this up for awhile and have documented statistics and such for posterity.

Sample Replies:
I found it, honestly! (Never mind where.) Sometimes a girl just needs a new hat, you know?"

"Alas, no, actually, I'm not that kind of girl. The evil I work is considerably more subtle/awesome than that. :) "

"For the record, I quit thinking stealing things was cool back in high school. And I am a nice girl, until I'm given a reason not to be ;-)"

"Haha. Interesting. I'm not really a nice girl but I also don't steal."


Halffull said...

I responded to your post on U21 but I'll respond here too...

I'd definitely be willing to join in man, I do online game anyway, so if you have shit you'd like me to test out, I'd be willing to do it.

I don't think talking to girls who don't live close is legit research tool for online game.

Speaking from experience, it's easy for a girl to talk to you on the phone and SAY that she wants tomeet you and all that jazz when the prospect of actually meeting you is very small.

Furthermore, if you spend too much time gaming girls you're not actually gonna meet, your style begins to get skewed towards getting HEAVY investment over the internet, and lots of compliance. However, this leads to problems when you have girls that live close that you actually want to meet up with, because they get SOO invested with the online relationship with you that they become scared that actually meeting with you will ruin it.

The only effective way to truly to test online game is to run interactions from open to lay.

Dasani said...

Responded on the forum

Acuity said...

Interesting, man. So you're finding that online game actually pays off? DUDE haha I remember when I first started game I made some account on match.com, wasted like 70 bucks, and never tried online game again. How's OKCupid? I hear Plentyoffish.com is good too...