Saturday, November 29, 2008

LR: BigBear

The name I'm giving this girl, BigBear, is not at all flattering to who she is. She's actually one of, if not the hottest girl I've ever been with, but she is also taller than me and freakishly strong. The aftermath of our getting together also helped...

I'm back in my hometown and went over to a buddies house to play some beer pong and just chill out with the old crew. We all move out from the garage to this cool little offshoot tiny house thing and hang out there. My buddy has been texting BigBear all night and got her to come over. This was the first time I had ever actually met her (to my knowledge) however our dad's worked together for some huge number of years in the navy, so I was familiar with her last name. She made some comment when she got there (from sitting in my buddy's lap, he had apparently made out with her some time in the past and they seemed into each other, I thought he had her) after introductions had been made to the other people like "oh but Dasani and I have known each other like our whole lives!" I wanted to say that she must have been thinking of somebody else but I just laughed and moved on.

I just chilled out and made conversation with everybody, told tons of jokes, and just had a blast with my friends. She had arrived around 11 or so, and about 12 I suggested that we go get some food. She was totally sober (I was getting there) so I volunteered her to drive us. So it was me, her, and two other guys. We all go to get food, we talk some more in the car. She makes some more comments about knowing my family, I remained confused. We head back to my friend's place and sit down to eat, she stands up and says shes going to head home, I cut her off, "Hey BigBear, wait like 20 and take me home, I need a ride." She says ok and sits back down, I finish my food and ask if she's ready to go, she says she is ready when I am, I say my goodbyes and we leave.

We get into her car, I've been busting on her for getting in so many car wrecks and tell her I'll be very upset if she kills me. Honestly, I don't remember a whole lot of what was going on verbally, it just wasn't that big of a deal. Just me keeping people laughing and occasionally engaging her so she didn't get left out. I did notice that she was quiet during the early part of the night and as people filtered in and out (some went to hang in the garage) she perked up. But anyway. She drives me home and about 3/4 of the way there I'm like "oh yeah do you know where I live?" and she says "Yeah I do actually, kinda creepy huh?" I was actually really surprised, maybe I had met this girl in the past and she just sucked or something so I forgot her. But to me it seemed like she created some fable about me and our families...whatever. We get to my house and we're still talking, I tell her to pull past the drive way and stop by these bushes. She does. The engine is still running and we keep talking for like 10 minutes, so I tell her to pull forward three more feet (to clear the driveway) and turn the engine off. She does. We keep talking.

She reaches over and hits me playfully a couple of times for me being a goober and making fun of her (I really wish I had a better memory of the conversation, even when I don't drink a lot things get fuzzy and I was sober by this point, about 1:30 or so), her hand is in the air and I, within context of the moment, reach out and squeeze it for a second. She closes her hand around mine and I let go. I was pretty positive it was on but I still felt a little anxious, so before I let it get crazy I reminded myself not to become unconscious (been listening to a lot of Tolle). BigBear is a talk box, get her started and she will keep going. I was grateful for this at this point, and in a pause in her speech I opened the door, and as I stepped outside said, "Hey lets go inside, you can only stay for a few minutes though, I have to get up early." I'm sure I had told her at some point that I was planning to leave in the morning to head back to Portland, so I suppose I had that sense of urgency and scarcity going for me.

We go inside and head right into my basement. Lights were off, so I turned them low instead of on and we sat down and I turned the tv on "for background noise." We have two couches and an armchair down there, I sat in my favorite spot and moved the blankets over and BigBear came and sat in the spot next to me. I decided that if everything else wasn't good enough for me, this had to be. It was very on, despite me feeling no vibe the entire night. I bring up one blanket and get under, "hey you want some of this" she says "yeah!" and starts picking it up, I reach over her and grab the other side of her hip and scoot her into me and put my arm around her, she leans in and puts her head on my chest. I realize she is chewing gum and ask for some, she left it in the car, so I excuse myself to find some (I still smell like fastfood). So I run upstairs, grab condoms, brush my teeth, and wash my hands, then head back down. We cuddle some more and talk, at one point I tried to pull her up to kiss me but she pulled away, I think she just didn't realize what I was doing. After 20 or so minutes of cuddling, I pulled her up again and we started making out.

Pushed her on her back, we keep at it, she lets me brush past her boobs, so I go back up and touch them more. Pull her into me and we start dry fucking (df'ing) I pull the straps of her bra and top off her shoulders and move her arms through them, then pull them down so I can get to her bare breasts. Reached around behind her back and undid her bra in one motion and she goes "Wow! That was so smooth!" I laughed and continued. The whole time I was expecting LMR (which is a bad mindset to be in) but did my best to keep my behaviors congruent with somebody who expects to have sex. I move her hand down onto my crotch and undo my pants for her, start rubbing her on the outside of her pants, pulled them off, she starts giving me a hand job, I finger her, after maybe 10 minutes of foreplay I put on the condom and we start having sex.

I wasn't going to finish, but I was having an awesome time, she was so different. But holy fuck, the girl was biting and clawing the shit out of me, I actually grunted for the pain of it one time, and ONE bite, out of like 20, I somehow managed to turn the pain into pleasure. That's a skill that's going to be rough to master.

We just kind of stopped when I was changing positions once. The whole time I was struggling to keep myself just above half mast, and I think the reason was this lay came too fast even for me to be comfortable with it just yet. So we cuddled naked together and watched about half of Enter the Dragon on G4 before getting dressed. I joked that I was going to bite her and leave marks because of all the times she bit me, we got into a play fight where I realized how strong she is. I tried to have sex with her again, even though I wasn't that turned on, I wanted to once more in case I don't ever see her again. She didn't seem into it. I tried to pull her in to make out some more when she was standing and getting dressed and she kinds pushed me away. I figured "whelp, it was a spur of the moment choice and she doesn't want to again, that's fine" and got some water.

Walked her outside, her parents had called her 13 times while we were in my house, this girl must have known what was going to happen because she had mentioned that she knew her parents were going to call her. So she left her cell in the car on purpose. Nice. She called, calmed them down (they had called the police!), we hugged and I had her take my number, "If you want me to give you a call sometime, call my phone so I have your number, if not, whatever." I realize that was kind of weak shit, but at the same time if this was an obvious one night stand, I wanted to leave it up to her to make the decision to take it further, which I know, again, is weak shit, but I think it came off like "Hey I like you, but I do this a lot and I know that not every girl wants to give her number out after random sex, so if you're interested in pursuing me further, you can call me." At least thats how I meant it. She calls my phone immediately, I remind her my last name is spelled with an IE not a Y, she says "duh, I've known you long enough to figure that out" I continue to be puzzled. I swear I had not met her before four hours before that. Meet to sex, probably about 3 hours.

She left and I went upstairs to survey the damage, and this is where BigBear gets her namesake.


"Holy FUCK BigBear! I can see now why you were afraid of me biting you back"

":( oh no. Is it bad?"
"I look like I was wrestling a bear. Im considering facebooking pics and tagging you"

"Oh my gosh! Im so sorry :( gosh ive never bit someone before. Wow i feel so bad."
"Haha you big goober. You can buy me dinner sometime"

"I was gonna apologize again... but you know, maybe if you weren't good then you wouldnt have to worry about these consequences. Haha"
"Lol its late, night"

"Haha im just saying.. you brought it upon yourself ;]

The people present exhibit A, a post sex text conversation with BigBear concerning the quality of the sex with Dasani, after Dasani, hereafter referred to as "the defendant" clearly admitted that his dick was not even fully hard and that the sex kind of fizzled out. Your honor the conduct of BigBear and the defendant only serves to further strengthen the claim made by the defendant that it doesn't matter how much he sucks in bed, if the girl likes him, she always says he's good.

Case to remain open pending further evidence.

She agreed to buy me dinner on the condition that I don't post and tag pics of my destroyed back. I'm considering posting some pictures here with my face edited out, its so horrific.

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