Sunday, September 21, 2008

FR: D2 and Fortunate Timing

Quick update before I get into it:

SassyFrass and I have been texting occasionally, I don't want to put it all down here. We had one thing where I texted her and got her to agree to make me dinner, unfortunately it was before I got that great advice from Nilatak. Looking back on it I was recalling stuff from our night out and was just too pushy and weird, even though she said sounds good and said we should kick it sometime.

The other night I texted her to see what her night looked like, called her a goober, she said she loves being called a goober and she had to study all night, I didn't text for awhile and later said she should call me sometime, she said sure. I texted her later asking why she likes to be called a goober, blah blah, sometime later that night shes like "ahh this studying will kill me" and we texted a little more.

The time when I asked her what her night was like, I was walking with a female friend of mine and this cutie, ImaginaryGirl, was like 20 feet behind us, I asked my friend if she'd eaten, she said she was just about to ask me, so I turned around to IG and said (we've known eachother awhile, I blew it with her once by missing the cues she was giving about wanting to nail me, but I think my "rejection" of her made her crazy attracted to me, like almost scared of me) "Hey, have you eaten?"
"do you drive?"
"lets all go out to eat"
so the three of us went out and got some food, IG lives in my ex girlfriend's old house, kinda weird coincidence. Just a chill time vibing and getting to know eachother, I gave her my number at the end of the night and told her to call me if she's doing anything. No call yet but I'm not going to rush it.

Yesterday I was on a school field trip, I didn't really know anybody on the trip and was feeling awkward at first, but calmed down and made sorta friends with a cutie sitting near me. Couldn't even really talk to this girl for some reason, I was just in a weird state, I wanted something from her. She's the roommate of a girl I'm into and I was thinking "well if I make a good impression on her, it will help me with the roommate." Ssssssssspshhsh.

The last stop on the trip I ended up walking next to this tiny little girl (LittleOne) and was walking alone so I started talking with her, "have you ever been here before?" We started talking and I got the impression she was in the same sort of position as I was, didn't really know anybody, so we bonded quickly. I had her hike with me a hundred yards or so beyond where the rest of the group was stopped, to have her invest in me a little and to have more time to talk alone. Did a little takeaway when we got back to the group and went back to talk to the girl I mentioned earlier. She came walking by on her way back down the mountain and said I should give her some of my answers on our worksheet, I said I'd give em to her if she carried my stuff down in her backpack, as I unzipped it and she stopped and let me. Walked down with them, ended up walking with her back to the bus and flirting the whole way.

When the bus pulled into school, she was in front and I was in back, she stopped outside the bus and stood there on her phone, back turned to the bus. I came out and kicked her butt, and we flirted a little more, and I said..
"hey what are you doing later"
"I'm not sure, why"
"I don't have any plans for dinner, how about we grab a bite"
"that would be great!"
"alright cool, take out your number is call my phone so I have yours...ok cool, I'll give you a call a little later"

I patted her on the arm and walked off. Texted her a little later...

"Hey i have to do some laundry. how does 630 or 7 sound"

"Sounds good - where are we going?"

"It kinda depends. Im working out the transportation. Dont worry, im sure that theyll have a kids menu wherever we go :)"

"haha so nice :P you make it hard for a girl to figure out what to wear..."

"You mean i get to play dress up"

"That depends on what you pick..."

"hahaha. Smarty :)"
"I try :)"

After some time..

"Hey dress casual ill pick you up at 7. Text me your address"
"XXXX. See you soon"

Right after we had confirmed, who should call me, but SassyFrass. She was going to a party thing and was looking for a date (basically) and figured, her words, "why don't I call Dasani?" I told her I already had plans, she said it would just be a couple hours, I said I was doing laundry, she was like "well no, it's ok, you don't have to" and I said "well if you're not going to press me, I'm not going to stretch myself" and that was about the end of it. I feel like this fortunate timing will make me seem more unavailable, and despite having a legitimate reason to not go, SassyFrass might take it personally and feel like I'm more of a prize to be sought after. Don't know where I'll go from here with that.

My housemate said i could borrow her car, I just had to walk to the place where she was hanging out and get it. On the way there I was so nervous. I had hung out with some guy friends a few minutes prior for a little bit to help calm me, it didn't really. I was having trouble smiling even. I ran into one of my female friends on the way and we had a conversation for a few minutes, where it was sohard for me to express myself. I felt a little better after that, and when I got to where the car was, I had the opportunity to joke around with the girls who live there and my housemate. I felt waaaaaay better. Note to self, maybe flirt with some girls who you're not going after before going on a date or meeting up with a girl. It put me into a good social mood and got rid of a lot of my nerves.

Got to LittleOne's house, she invited me in and intro'd me to her housemate and her housemate's boyfriend. They were watching a kung fu movie and I was like "holy shit I love this stuff" so we sat down and watched, I had everybody laughing with my commentary and pretty much felt powerful. We left and headed out to grab some pizza. In the car I got a little more nervous. Like not fidgety nervous, but it was hard to smile. Weird. Got pizza, sat down and chatted for probably 40 minutes or so. She had her legs crossed under the table, so I slid my leg up deliberately making contact with her leg, she left it there. I knew it was on. Actually, I knew it was on before we even met up, something about this girl just said to me I'd do fine throughout.

But man, I said some stupid shit. I guess this girl was forgiving as fuck, or maybe she thought the stuff coming out of my mouth was like me being like "whatever you might not be good enough for me" I have no idea. But I said some stupid shit, bottom line.

We walked the pizza to the car and I said I wanted to walk around a bit before we went back. I think she thought I was ending the date when we walked back "thank you for dinner, etc etc"

I put out my hand for her to hold it and we interlocked fingers, It was chilly out but I wanted to kiss her somewhere before we went anywhere else. We walked around and talked a little about relationships and such, old boyfriends/girlfriends, apparently she recently ended a four year At a dark corner I turned her to me and said "I know this isn't super romantic, but can I kiss you." She said yes. We madeout on the corner and then I walked her back to the car, pulled her in and kissed her again, and we came back here.

Put a movie in, didn't watch it. She wouldn't go very far with me and I didn't want to push for sex, there really was no reason. She just doesn't trust me yet, and that's ok. When we first kissed it was very invested kissing, really good stuff. Back at my place it was kiss kiss kiss, no prolongued action if that makes sense.

I took her home, she gave me the tour, ending in her bedroom. We fooled around a little more, talked some more, I said some more stupid shit (seriously, wtf was I doing.), but she still seems to be really into me. I headed home after a bit. We're texting now. We'll see where it goes, it's weird, I don't feel like I'll lose her, but I don't feel like I've crossed the threshold either.

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