Thursday, September 18, 2008

THIS is quality feedback

'm about to go to bed and my phone rings. It's a text from SF.

"Its SassyFrass. Dude..."

>>>> Notice the little investment on her, "Yo, tsup"

"Dude. We hit it all tonight...except home alone! Ahhh"

>>>> Are you waiting for her to text? Ok, it's subtle but look into the subtleties bc you're not seeing them. First off, your message is longer than hers...nothing wrong with that in itself, but you bring up a thread from earlier which implies you've been thinking about the earlier interaction more than she has. So the dymanic shifts here, from her chasing by saying "It's Sassy" to you subcommunicating "Yeah, I was up waiting for you to text, I was thinking about our interaction and I'm eager to talk." See it? I know it seems analytical, but this shit is subtle. Even if you weren't waiting for her to text, you just jump at the chance to keep the night going...too eager...a better reply "Yo" or "Tsup" or "Zzzzzzz...."

we had talked earlier that night about how funny the movie home alone is and how we should watch it, making our AHHHH faces like kevin mccalister.

>>>> Yeah, living the past, caring too much about interactions with girls you bearly know....dude, seriously who is this girl? Your wifey? Come on man, I barely remember what I did with girls 10 minutes ago...I'm like, "huh?" ...usually girls have to tell me that funny story they told me before or some other routine they made up...why? Cause I don't care enough, the interaction is not important enough for me to sweat it...let go of the inteaction no matter how fun, don't need it.

"I dont kno wat that means. but she def either got drunk or just blatantly developed a crush on me" "Did u walk to my house?"

>>>> See, she doesn't remember any of it...ha ha..."But baby, we were talking about home alone all night, remember Kevin? The "Ahhhh" face? Baby you said you'd remember" ha ha funny shit man."

Lol the movie, home alone. Yeah i walked. You mean Lesbian?"

>>>> Yeah, you're the girl...reminding her? Why do you care? Come on man.

"Yea. And yes we shall watch home alone. Im bummed im all alone..."

>>>> Watch out here, this is a "bait"'s the validation's late, if she wanted to fuck you she would have arranged logistics to make it happen...I know you don't think so, but trust me, when a girl really wants the dong, she does alot of the work or at least gives major hints, prior to you going home...after that it's her wanting validation, not cock. I would have ignored it.

"Driving Lesbian home woke me up a bit, youre obviously still awake. lets hang out"

>>>> Ok, this would not have been bad, had you not doubted yourself with later texts...still though, more often than not you will get shut down, you are chasing.

"Im in pjs in bed"

>>>> This doesn't mean anything to a masculine man...she's just saying "If you are a man, you will get me, if not you will fuck it up" Notice she never says no. A great reply since you are going this way say, "Yeah, that's good, I got cookies and milk." It doesn't have to make sense...once you comit to it go for it.

"Youd probably pass out before i got there, goober"

>>>> Now you're doubting you want her to say, "No I won't" but she won't do that cause she knows if she says anything you'll definetly take it as a hint to bone.

"Aw u called me a goober!"

"Youre a goober. It follows. Im posting something on your facebook that will make you die laughing"

>>>> You change the subject and look weaker for it...either commit to going over full force or don't's either full on masuline power or chilling and letting her do more work.

"Ok. Im fallin asleep. Nite sweetie"

>>>> She cut it off, decided you didn't have what it takes...dude, think about it, she texted you either for validation or to see if you would plow that either two things...commit to going over and saying nonse as you do or just respond less and let her chase, you have to be congruent.

Missed it again.

>>>> You can take this as you wish, but I've fucked this up numerous I said you can either plow it, "I have the cookies...the cookies!!! NO!!! They will go stale!! I'm half way to your house!!! Seriously, I'm almost there, where do you live? No stale cookies, I need to stick this milk in the fridge!!" Ha ha or just say one thing or two and end, "Yo" and then "cool"THIS

So with the bait trap, this girl and I (this is my interpretation of why this is such good advice) had been flirting all night, and I had her chasing me, gave her my number, but we didn't arrange to fuck (basically). She texted me and then dropped that little piece so that she could say "well we didnt end up fucking, but I want to see if I could have at LEAST gotten him" and then I fell right into her trap and doubted myself. I gave her that little bit of validation and that was all she wanted, sure if I was right there she might have fucked me, but I wasn't so the validation that she could get me if she wanted was good enough. ERG

As to the remembering everything from the conversation...touche. This is SOLID fucking advice, given by Nilatak

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