Friday, September 19, 2008

Goals by May '09

Here is a list of the goals I'm going to accomplish by May of 2009.

1. Have a good, fruitful, and respectful social circle. That doesn't mean having people worship me, but I should be that guy who everybody loves to have around.

2. Have some connections downtown. Have some bouncer friends, maybe some bartenders or club owners, things like that.

3. 5+ numbers per week. This is a consistency thing. Maybe down the line I won't care to have so many numbers, but with 5+ people to practice phone game with, not to mention all the interactions leading up to the numbers, that mean's I'll be putting serious effort into getting better. Even if I was a master who couldn't fail to get a number ever (I know that's not possible) and stopped each day after getting one, that still means I'm socializing most days of the week.
4. Have pulled out of venue 10+ times. This does not just mean pulled home. It means a bounce to another venue, pulling home, etc.

5. 1-2 solid relationships. In my opinion, a person should partake at times in their life in an emotional relationship. Not a friendship, but like a girlfriend (though it doesn't have to be exclusive, but a legitimate emotional connection and a consistency). I've learned a ton by being involved in these, so it makes sense to have them on the list.

6. A consistent feeling of good nature/peace. I'm not talking about enlightenment here, and I don't mean being Mr. Positive all the time who cannot allow himself to experience something in the negative. Anger and frustration can be useful. It does mean being secure in myself, not walking around wondering what people think of me. Having my attention focused primarily outside myself. This ties into being a good teacher. A student can only understand a teacher when the teacher can understand himself. If I'm an emotional wreck, but have tight game, this will bleed into my life and affect my students (not necessarily of seduction, I am an aspiring school teacher). This is one of the most important items on the list, and also the hardest to define whether or not I've reached it.
7. Have gone out alone AND done well 10+ times. I don't want to become dependent on other people for practice, improvement, or even just enjoying myself. In joy in my self as Eckhart would say.
8. A solid day two ratio on the numbers I'm getting. I'd say 70%+ is a good ratio, meaning most of the numbers I get turn into solid dates.

9. Well defined sticking points. If I don't know where to go, how can I get there.

10. 15 new f closes, all who fit my new standard for who I will hook up with. If I lax and bang a girl who I don't really like because "it's a step above masturbation" it doesn't count toward this goal. This is about showing real sexual results for my effort. I'm not interested in going out a million nights in a row but never getting any return off it.

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