Saturday, September 6, 2008

FR: The Police

Last night we had a big party at my place. I had been planning on drinking, but as I started I just felt kind of...upset I suppose. I did what is my new comfort thing and went upstairs and read a few choice pages out of Eckhart. Still felt kinda shitty so I decided, "No feeling bad, tonight, I'm going to have a good time" went downstairs with a resolve to have fun, and I did. The power of decision is so incredible.

I had planned to invite every girl who might be into me and who I'm into to my party. Didn't work out exactly as planned. Party started "officially" at 9pm. By 10:30, both kegs were tapped, somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 people were milling around in and around my house, and campus police were at my door waiting for me. I was stoked. I went outside, fully ready to deal with the situation, because I knew it wasn't going to be a problem, and I knew I was the best, most qualified person to handle this situation (not to mention the only one living in the house who is 21). Talked to them, got it handled, they left...sort of. They came on a noise complaint, so I went in and told everybody to quiet down a little, and also that everybody under 21 needed to leave. It was kind of douchy, but at the same time it kicked ass being that guy who everybody was listening to. Most of them probably didn't even know I lived there, but I was THE authority.

Saw campus police waiting around the corner talking to the ACTUAL police, people started getting spooked. I walked over. Somebody tried to talk to me and I just silenced them and kept going. Off behind me, there is a deck full of hottie onlookers. From my perspective, I was just asking if there was a problem because I saw the real police, they said no, we talked a little, and they left. From the perspective of everybody watching, I walked over, talked, and then campus police left. It had looked like I had made them leave.

As I walked back I was approached by a number of people. An awed in the face girl I've got a crush on called to me, a number of others, and then one of my friends came up and said "Dude! Dasani! When did you become such a badass!?" It was awesome.

I finished kicking out the rest of the people (they would have filtered out anyway when they figured out the kegs were dry) and then went to another supposed party. False alarm. FemmeFatale was one of the girls I had invited, but she was a late comer and missed the whole party, we had been texting and calling eachother. Earlier in the day she had texted me, the whole time sounding like she wanted me to say something like "well how about we meet up" but I wasn't going to fall for that trap again. I decided, there is no reason to push for a meetup, I'm going to see her at the party anyway.

Well we ended up meeting and hanging out with some of my friends. I was so out of state by this point it was hard to function, but it ended up being pretty fun anyway. I had her walk me to the door out of the building, got a good hug this time, and left. She said something to the effect of "I'm really not a slut!" because of some of the conversations we had been having (she talked about how she doesnt do relationships...she and I should really talk more). So maybe all this wait and annoyance is her worrying she'll be too easy. Girls man.

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