Sunday, September 28, 2008

FR: Homecoming

Last night was the homecoming dance for my school. Did a couple of things differently. One, I had never been to a dance drunk before, so I decided to drink a little with my buddies before going out. Not drunk really, just a bit tipsy and limber. Two, I decided to dress in a way that I found sexy, not in a way that I thought other people would find sexy. I wore my brown square toe shoes, these tight as fuck AG jeans that I got like 9 months ago and had never worn because they're a little bit too long and need to be hemmed up, my brown studded belt, a white button up with a textured pattern on it buttoned halfway up with nothing underneath, a black tie tied loosely around my neck, and a little bit of goofyness to my hair. I felt sexy as fuck, kind of the badboy look when everybody else was going slacks and structured. The only things I would have changed, I would have liked a red tie, and my hair could have been a little bit better.

I don't own any hair product so I called one of the girls I know in the dorms and got her to find a girl who could do my hair with some of her stuff. I inadvertently met one of the hottest girls in the dorm. Great athletic figure without being overly thin, powerfully built, like a Hollywood female warrior. Huge boobs, brown hair, wearing little shorts and a tank top with the straps hanging loosely at her sides, the shirt hanging almost precariously off her ample breasts. I'll give her a name in the hopes that we meet again; Doa. Doa does up my hair, does kind of a lame job but I didn't want to be a douche about it. At one point she was drying my hair, and the cord was kinda short so I had to follow her directions for where and how to turn so she could get it all. I was looking into her face, talking a little, and she asks me to tilt my head down, basically putting me about 8 inches from the chest I've devoted half this paragraph to describing. Mmmm, see you at the dance.

Went off, drank with my buddies (had a girl compliment me on how sexy my pants were on my way off from Doa), and we headed out. I was bouncy as fuck, as I tend to be when I've been drinking. Got on the bus, headed to the dance, got there and immediately started tearing it up. Tonight was about me having fun, and I wanted to dance, so dance I did. I was grabbing girls left and right, front, above, whatever. I'd be dancing with one girl, shouting and laughing with goofy grin plastered to my face, and I'd notice people around us (particuarly girls, my school has an absurd female/male ratio, like 70/30) staring and smiling or giggling. I'd just walk into their group and grab the one I wanted around the waiste and pull her out, basically communicating that she didn't have an option. Did this numerous times, had so much fun. I grabbed one girl as she was going by and she was just so flustered she couldn't stop giggling. She asked my name, "well do you really want to know who I am, or would you prefer if I was just the annonamous man of the night." She giggles and wants to know who I am, I tell her, Millenium comes by and takes some pictures of us.

Some random little tidbits:

I was talking to Millenium and some asian girl walks past, I grab her around the midsection and pull her in "you...look like you know how to dance...Dance with me" "I do! Ok!" Her name is the same as a certain Pokemon, I laugh at this and tell her I'll never forget. I haven't yet, go me. She tells me I'm fun and we part

Sassyfrass comes up and goes into girly mode, we dance a little and I mouth to Millenium "This is sassyfrass!" since he'd never seen her before, only read the reports. SF pulls away a little and is like "blah blah its girl time to dance!" So I pulled her back in, spun her around and literally tossed her out of her own group and grabbed one of the other girls. I have no idea if this was a good idea, but I thought it was hilarious. That was the last I saw of her that night.

Saw LittleOne, gently moved people out of my way so I could get to her, danced with her for awhile, some dude was obviously into her and I was making him uncomfortable with my energetic vibe. I decided to leave her to him, I've already got her so I ran off to meet more ladies.

One of my old roommates, who is actually kind of an emotional douche and I've relegated to slightly better than an aquaintance, ends up walking with me and I say we're going to find some girls, some girls that can dance "like that one, and that one, and ohhh that one she's the best!" as I walk off, through the three set and grab the girl in a reddress and tell her "I choose you! From among your peers, you are the best!" Which made me laugh and her giggle and we danced. turned out I actually knew this girl, and she's really not very cute when not all decked out, but god damn can she ever clean up. I didn't even recognize her and she was easily the hottest out of the group she was in, all very cute girls. Crazy how some girls can transform like that, before my very eyes. My old roommate disappears, I fail to notice.

I see the girl from my "a long time cumming" fr and she looks all sad, I decide to cheer her up and swoop in. She refuses to be very cheerful and starts in with "your old roommate (obviously she used his name) is an ass." There aren't a lot of things that girls can do or say, short of farting a lot, smelling bad, and being crazy needy and insecure that totally turn me off to them. However, finding my old roommate attractive, especially to the point where his not giving her enough attention makes her feel unhappy, I find disgusting and completely wrecks any attraction I might have held for her. I say "And I'm out!" and walk off to meet girls who hold themselves to a higher standard.

Millenium tries to breakdance without telling me and kicks me in the face gently. I laugh hysterically.

I was well past sober by about halfway through my time at the dance, once I start having a good time its hard to stop me.

I see FemmeFatale a couple times, she loves how much fun I'm having and comes to tell me she's leaving and calls me a little later. I almost pulled her over to my house, she said yes, then called back saying she was uncomfortable coming over to my house because she's never been and none of my housemates know her. She doesn't want to be "that girl." I'm ok with this. She promises to call me soon, IM's me on facebook and tells me again that she's sorry shes not coming and she will call me.

I did a couple of approaches to girls sitting around looking bored, but none of them went anywhere. I didn't really want to talk to any of these girls I suppose.

It was kinda funny, I danced with the youger sister of a girl I'm kinda into, who also happens to have all her sister's best qualities, physically at least, and I would say something like "lets go where there's more room so I can start really tossing you around!" and she would say "Oh no! No lets not" as she would comply with my movement. Girls are so funny. She did the same thing later when she was sitting down with a friend "Oh no I don't want to dance!" then we dance. Then she says while we're dancing "I don't even know why I'm out dancing with you." She keeps trying to lead the dancing, I call her out and tell her shes a tom boy, she laughs and says she knows.

Ohh. This one absolute hotty, one of the hottest girls I've ever met in my opinion, PinUp, sees me moving through the crowd. She excitedly taps on my shoulder until I turn around and see her. She knows its time to dance. We run off into an open space and start tossing eachother around, me going through everyone of the 4 or 5 moves that I know, her laughing and loving the fact that I, with my modest skills, am a much better dancer than 90% of the guys there. She is such a great dance partner, I could actually pull off the movie style dip and fast pull back up to face to face. Soooo sexy, PinUp is such a bad girl. Her leapard print bra is sticking out just a little bit from her tight red dress. I was I had the presence of mind to start going sexual, but I was having too much fun with no outcome in mind. It's weird, with her I feel like I have no chance at all, even though she loves me. The feeling is akin to being good friends with my best friend's girlfriend. Even though there might be chemistry, I would never cross that line. I think she has a boyfriend, but she's never said this to me that I remember.

Saw her once more a little later and we sat together and then danced a little more. Saw another girl who is pretty sexy who is into me, we danced a bit and she told me I was too much, I agreed. I'll see all these girls again so I don't want to get needy or over eager, which has been my downfall in the past.

The public safety officers who came to talk to me about the noise complaint in my FR: The Police were there, they broke into huge smiles when they saw me. Haha, love that.

I think that's about it for the FR part of the evening.

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