Saturday, August 30, 2008

FR: Femme Fatale Friday Night

Second night in a row drinking. Not going to make a habit out of this. I'm taking some time off of that thing they call booze.

This is graphic.

Went over to my buddies house. Started out real chill, ended up MASSIVE, somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 or 50 people. Wow. I did a lot of socializing, saw a girl, Shoegirl, who I hadn't seen in a long time and last time I did she had a boyfriend. She knows what I'm about and we exchanged numbers. Met a lot of really attractive young ladies, hung out with the guys, it was good.

The majority of this will focus on FemmeFatale. I just like the sound of that as her name, she's got a unique real one so it works out. When I started talking to her it was clear it was on from the start, she asked my name and I feigned a little "i dunno if I want to get to know you yet" kind of vibe and we started flirting. Exchanged names, I said something about fucking with people, and she said "I don't fuck with people, but I fuck." Cue sexual tension. I said something about how she was earning points but she could still mess up. We kept seeing eachother throughout the night, and I made sure not to just focus on her exclusively, it was still early and that's needy anyway. At one point on the dancefloor, we were talking about god knows what, but just had lazer eyes and got closer and closer and closer. When the kiss was ready, I pulled away and walked off the dancefloor. Nothing wrong with a little mixed signal.

I had to take a buddy of mine to another party, so I recruited a couple guys to stick around and make sure she didn't leave with anybody, "tell her you want to dance if she tries to leave and pull her back!" Got my friend to his party, right next to my place, so I ran in and grabbed condoms just in case. Got back to my party

FemmeFatale is still there, I give her a little space at first and mingle, then I swoop in when she's with a couple guys. "Dasani."
talking about what I don't even remember, we close in and kiss, I pull away and tell her I don't make out at parties. She says she doesn't either, and says "You're gunna fuck one of these girls here tonight right? Here, take my number. Get some action and give me a call soon, I'll still be ready." That really doesn't convey what she said or the vibe she projected, it was like she was saying "You and I are more important, but lets let this simmer awhile, so go get your rocks off so that you and I can be more ready to tear eachother apart." In almost a commanding tone. It could be insecurity, I just didn't feel that vibe. But then, I was a little drunk. We'll see. So I got her number and said "I want to talk to you, come with me." And walked her out the front.

There was a dude out there where I was going to take her, so I walked her a bit further, she asks where we're going, I ask where she lives, she doesn't tell me and asks how far my place is, I say a couple blocks (more like 7-8), she says she can't leave her roommate behind at the house, we end up pulling off the sidewalk, pushing her against a fence and making out. She turns me so my back is to the fence and does this thing, that for a moment I was forcibly reminded of Spiderman...if Spiderman were a porno. She grabs the fence behind my head, and puts her feet up on the lowest cross bar of it, then sort of suspends herself in front of me while grinding on me HARD and forcing her mouth into mine. She turns and see's a group of people watching us, "I think they're watching us!"
"Yeah, I bet you like it a little"
"Do you like it?"
"...maybe a little"
"I'm not going to keep going for just a little"
"Alright, I like you a lot"

I don't know why I said you, and not it, but I did. After a minute or so more, I grab her (it was hard as fuck to escape her little cage of grinding) and move her behind some houses into an alley way thing. Shove her against a wall, she's got her leg up almost on my shoulder, grinding eachother, I pull her boob out and start sucking on it. She says something to the effect of "What you want to happen tonight, is not going to happen, get back in there and fuck one of those other girls, you already have me." Damn girl, you had ME at "I fuck." This girl is giving me a total player vibe and I dig the fuck out of it.

She rides me on this little block thing, and we almost knock it over with her arching her back so hard. Lol, it was tantamount to theatrical, but I loved it! I lay her down on the block and she pulls her shirt up over her boobs, after a little while we stand up and I pull her in from behind and start undoing her pants, I'm fully ready to take this girl behind this damn house. She lets me undo her pants but when I reach in she stops me, firmly. I'm ok with this and decide to go along with her plan. We part and I headed back in.

Didn't end up meeting anybody else real promising that night, though I was very attracted to this one girl, PinkDress. She digs me but has a boyfriend...hmmm...

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