Friday, August 29, 2008

FR: First Thirsty Thursday

I met up with a buddy of mine to go to my first ever thirsty thursday at the T Room. It's where all the over 21 students congregate at this divebar near campus on thursday. Just planning for a chill night drinking with my friends, we drank at his place with his girlfriend then headed out.

We got there early, just chilled, drank some more, then the music came on and people streamed in like knocking the bottom out of a keg. I saw some old friends who didn't know I was 21 yet and it was tons of fun just being social and hanging out. Pulled one girl into our table cuz she was sitting alone, introd her to my friend and ducked out. The douchebag from work, featured in my FR about work, showed up, turns out he knows my friend, and he sat in my seat when i went to the bathroom, i greeted him warmly when i got back and asked for my seat back. He wouldn't move. Eventually he did. Next time I'll be over the top gay, sit on his lap, and touch him uncomfortably.

Then the girl from my fr: I can't find the trigger, showed up. We hugged and parted. Later I saw her sitting and talking to some dude so I said to my female friend "I'm stealing her in 10...9...8..." and she finished the countdown with me, then i grabbed my girl and whisked her to the dancefloor. She was pulling me close and reaching back behind my head, so I kissed her on the kneck, then ended the dance and went back to my friends. She came over later and covered my eyes "guess who" style, I didn't guess by asking, I used my hands. I reached up her sides, felt the beginning curve to her breasts, decided not to grab them, traced her legs down and found the bottom of her skirt. Assessment? Female. She let go and I turned and pulled her into my lap, then lifted her and carried her onto the dancefloor. We danced some more, I bit her kneck this time and said "Look I have to stop dancing with you like this or I'm going to do something I shouldn't..." and walked off.

Some girls tried to get into the guys bathroom, I didnt care so I shoved them in, the bouncer came over and kicked me out, but was cool about it. Ordahs is ordahs. I said goodbye to my friends and thought of a brilliant plan. Pull my girl home (Dancegirl). I grab Dancegirl and start for the door, telling her i'll tell her when i get there what I'm doing. I go outside with her and tell her what happened, she says "OH well I was ready to leave anyway if you'll walk me home" I said yes, she went in to say goodbye to her friends. The bouncer came out to say no hard feelings, I said it was totally cool because he probably just helped me pull this girl, he was stoked, we clasped hands and he said I owe him a beer. Lol, whatever.

I walk Dancegirl home, have to pee like crazy so that was going to be my excuse for going in, and we chat the whole way. Not emotionally charged conversation, but entertaining. We get there and she says "you can come in and see my room" I'm thinking, seriously, I don't even need an excuse but I do have to pee. So I go, then she gives me the tour. She's not making it obvious that she wants me though. Strange. I go in for the kill, picking her up and laying her out on her awesome bed, and she gently says no, but firmly pushes me away. I leave shortly after, I hug her and pull her in and steal a kiss as I sing "always gotta steal my kisses from you!" as I walk out the door, smiling and laughing. She texts me later and says "Not so cool." No idea what that meant so I texted back "I don't get it, something you wanted to say" no response, before I went to bed I texted "guess not. Night" Second near pull in so many weeks. Oooooo!!!!!!

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