Sunday, August 31, 2008

FR: Water Helps My Game

It really does.

I was in a not so social mood, imagining the future with me having nothing to say to the people I went out to talk with, so I picked up The Power of Now and read the section called "wherever you are, be there totally." As I read I felt a sense of peace come over me, and decided to just let the night happen as it would.

I met up with some friends at a house, just hanging out. This cutie I know came up and said hi, I told her she had to come sit down, she was too tall to talk to from where I was, then grabbed her hand and moved her next to me. She directed all her focus on me, but I just was too chill to have much to say. She moved on, it was fine. I consulted with Millenium on if he thought I should text FemmeFatale, he said yes, so I did, "Hey what are you up to". We headed out to the party. I was also in contact with Shoegirl, and we texted our logistics to eachother throughout the night.

I decided I wasn't going to drink tonight, so I grabbed a keg cup and filled it with water. Hung out with my buddies around the hookah, busted on this girl a little for the face she made while trying to blow smoke rings, also got some advice from her on what to do about FemmeFatale. Saw another cutie from one of my classes, she came over and sat with me, gave me great body language and attention, Shygirl. She's a sweetheart and I love talking with her. Gunna slow burn on this one. My friends all left and it was just me and one more, he didn't want the host to see him leave on her birthday, so he snuck out while I went to say goodbye. In looking for her I got grabbed by this hottie I know who just starts grinding on me like a pole. She almost knocked me over and I actually kissed her chin out of reflex it was so sexual.

I got approached by a two set who asked if I remembered them, the hottie came over and said "oh hey! these are my friends!" I said to introduce me, and she did, one of the two girls had her hand on my shoulder the whole time so I pulled her into me as I kept talking to the other girl. The first girl starts talking, gives me the look like she wants to be kissed, so I kissed her on her nose, made like I was going to leave, came back in and we kissed on the lips. I wasn't attracted to her really, at least not in the sense of my new standard for hooking up (I won't hook up with any girl I don't want to make feel good), so I pulled away and kept on my search. Met another hottie. Realized I was in state and about to leave the party. Lame.

Headed out to my friends house, meet my friend at another party along the way, this girl hes talking to is being sassy, so I take her drink, set it on the ground, then pick her up and she wraps her legs around me and arches her back. We try to bring her to my friends house but its a no go. We head over, I decide I'm hungry and we're gunna get some food, there is a girl skulking in the shadows, I say this loudly. She comes out and identifies herself, she is cute. My friend knows her and starts saying shit about how she doesn't put out. The girl gets all defensive so I cut in, "Oh so you DO put out!" She laughs, I am in. We tell her what we're doing, my friend asks her to come, I tell her to just get in the car. She complies. Her name will be Raccoongirl. Her friend comes out of the house, Ice-eyes, I tell her to get in the car and join us. She complies. I wish my friend wasn't drunk and high, it would have been cool for me to be able to explain all this to him. We go get food, I make a comment about ice-eyes looking like she's crushing cubes of ice with her eyes when she makes this face (no idea why) and she giggles. Raccoongirl is looking at me from behind the headrest and I can only see her eyes, hence her name, she looked like a raccoon. I tell the girls they better promise to pay me back because I never get paid back when I pay with my card, they promise very firmly.

We get back, the girls invite me to go to a gay club with them. I am down. I am also interested in hooking up with one or both of them. They pay me and I get a 50 cent tip (also a two dollar bill!). I eat, one of them gets a text and they decide they'd rather go to whatever it was, I'm cool with this as I was still in contact with Shoegirl. They both number close me so that we can all go out to the club sometime. Maybe they'll get antsy and want something else. I decide I like being pursued.

I go to meet Shoegirl, she's cute as a button, we end up walking in a group to absolutely nowhere, but lo and behold, after like two hours of silence, FemmeFatale texts me back. During the text conversation I separate from the group, I was more interested in FemmeFatale.
"Who is this?"
"Oh hey. Its Dasani"

"Hey! Whatsup? Whatre you up to!?"

"Looking for my next move. What are you doing"
"Nothing... I just took kristen back to the dorm cause she was fucked up beyond belief(again). Whats your next move?"

"Id like to make it our move. Where are you"
"I'm at [dorm]"
"My old dorm! I gotta grab something, meet you there in 20, k"
"Meet you where...?"
"Ill come to [dorm], text when I'm there"
"I think I may be in for the night actually...& my rooms tiny with 2 other people so I don't know how well that would work out."
"Oh for sure. I want to walk. grab a sweatshirt, its a lil cold"

I left my house at this point and it took her like 5 minutes to respond when previously it was instantaneous, I decided to say something to make it seem less pushy and more like I wasn't worried about it.

"Hey there is no rush, Id like to see you but its not a huge deal"
"Wait what im confused! Where are you?"
"Im heading to [dorm]. So it would be good to know if I should turn around :)"
"Like I dont have anywhere to kick it though cuz my friends in my room hella drunk! & its bad" "I'm almost there. Just meet me in the lounge and we can go from there"
"K can i change into sweats or something 1st"
"Lol no! What floor"

I call her and we decide to meet in the lounge. She almost doesnt acknowledge me when I get there (I was mellowing out at this point, no more burning coal of state), but I made her stand up and hug me. I met the people she was talking to and we went on a little search for her mystery person, I don't care to explain it was retarded. I ended up just following her around, I try to get back to her room and she doesnt want to because of her roommate, I try to get her to go for a walk with me and she doesnt want to, she decides to go to bed, but keeps asking me what I'm doing afterward. I was going to go to bed and I didn't feel like lying, I should have said a party because she probably would have been down. She kept saying she didnt want to go anywhere because she didnt want to do anything "bad." Lol, wtf. We end up parting, I have her walk me to the door, we hug, a quick crappy hug, and she walks off. I was annoyed and a little upset by this at first, but it was kinda the same way when we parted last night, except I was more in control then. No biggy, I'll call her soon, it's still on.

I got a ride home from the campus police. Rad. They're bored and don't mind being used as a taxi service. Saved me 10 minutes of walking.

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