Sunday, August 10, 2008

FR: I'd Do Anything For Love

Tonight I hit up a house party nearby where I live before heading downtown to meet up with one of the guys from the lair. The party was fun, and usually I'm really uncomfortable at house parties (unless they're at my house), but for some reason I felt pretty alright. As I was leaving I started to have a real good time for some reason, so I walked up to a buddy I hadn't seen in awhile, spanked him, and started talking. Suddenly I got spanked from behind. This hottie from my freshman year is there, we'll call her Books. "Dasani! I have't seen you in forever!" I pull her into a hug and she loves it, we talk a little bit, I had written her a note the other day when she was at work and she loved that, but I was leaving, so I pulled her in for "a thai clinch hug" and she brought up her knee and wrapped her leg around me, so I grabbed it and pulled her in tight, probably could have isolated and escalated, but I was on a mission and it didn't cross my mind. She giggles and we separate and I go.

I met up with K from the lair outside Kells and we proceeded to Mcfaddens. I love that place. We did a little circuit and I talked to a couple people on the way, one girl had this huge cooler looking bag thing and I said something to the effect of "Oh wow! You remembered to bring your lunch this time! Did your mom pack it or did you?" We joked a little for a minute before she kept going. Note to self, you stopped her, now is the time to commit her to an interaction with you. I had some more goofy interactions, went outside and started talking to this blonde chick who moved people out of my way, I told her she could be my personal body guard. We played around in that sandbox a bit, she pulled her shirt down to reveal more of her cleavage in immitation of what she would do to protect me, blah blah, I eject. Again, I'm ejecting to preserve my value, but I'm not taking these sets anywhere. With that one, what I could have done is moved around her so that she had to back turn her friends to talk to me, then started trying to qualify. Note to self: write out some qualifications so you're not winging your qualifying.

There was a point where I realized I was only doing safe sets where I had very little chance of being blown out, so I called out, enough of this pussy shit, and went and opened this lonely looking girl by walking up and and introducing myself. Right after the opener I spun her out of her seat and took it, but I didn't have a lot to say to her. I ejected again. Next time go for broke. K opened a three set by the window, very receptive, he got opened by this hottie as we passed the bar, didn't hear much of what went down.

At one point I was moving through the crowd, and this girl shoved this guy out of my way so I could get through, he thought it was me and turned around and got pissed, I sort of acknowledged him then focused on the girl. Apparently, according to K, the dude was trying to start something with me because he "didn't like my tone" but i didn't hear a word of it. I didn't even know the dude was trying to project on me, he was so far outside my reality. Love that.

There was this bachellorette set, the bachellorett was giving me massive eye contact so I stopped and she said hey, I said hey, then one of the girls asked me if I could do a magic trick. They had this deck of cards that had various tasks for them to find guys to do such as "find a guy who has washboard abs" I didn't know any magic tricks, but the next card was find a guy who can talk dirty to you in a foreign language. One of my favorite things to do is talk to girls in french when we're fooling around, everything sounds beautiful/dirty depending on your tone, and they don't even know what I'm saying. So I pulled the one girl in and started, her friends loved it and the girl started moaning and getting into it, totally faking, but still awesome. They had another card that was to find a guy to serenade them. I'm not one to turn down singing. I know I was being a dancing performing monkey, but I was having a blast. So I pulled the bachelorette in and sang the first part of "I'd do anything for love" by meatloaf. It was amazing. All the girls exploded with love for me, I got multiple "you are so awesome" and ridiculous compliance with one of the girls. I gave her a kiss on the cheek for a reward, she gave me one back, normally I'd say cue makeout, but she then told me "blah blah my husband blah blah." Turns out they're all married. go figure. Still a fun group of girls.

K and I headed out shortly thereafter and stood and talked for awhile about education and pickup, good times.

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