Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weekends and the first day of school

Little update.

Last saturday was a big sporting event and the last official party night before school started so I hung around campus. Caught up with some old friends, made a few new contacts. Went to see one of my RA friends (the redhead from FR Positive state) but she wasnt there, so I used it as an opportunity to meet some of her residents, six of em were all hanging out in a room, very cute. I was way high energy, too high energy, I should focus on chilling out. But they enjoyed me, and I ended up finding my friend. I told those girls to tell her when they saw her that she was in big trouble. Found out last night that they did a very good job.

That whole day I was in a very fluxuating state. I was so chill but comfortable, but didn't have naything to say up until I was sitting here, about to call it a night, then decided not to give into my emotions, turned on some power music, made the decision to feel better, and walked outside, in a more powerful state. Met a girl, MontyPython, had a great interaction on the way to where she was going, probably 5 or so minutes, don't know why I didn't go for her number, she was definitely into me. Sometimes I forgot about tossing in a little intent.

After the dorm it was to a party, where I was having fun but didnt want to drink to fix my state, a very cute girl from the days of yore was very flirty but I just didn't know how to deal with it. F neutrality. I had one beer before the point before, where I decided to change my state, and the lingering affect of that beer was with me the rest of the night, it's like my body molded my state out of that tiny buzz. Man, being drunk. It's like having a warm cloroform cloth pressed over your brain. I prefer just being happy, although being drunk with a girl I'm really comfortable with leads to some hilarious and amazing sex, and being drunk with the guys can just be awesome.

I ended up getting out of state again and called it an early night.

Yesterday was the first day of school, I was stoked to be there. I was a little too eager to make an impression once I got to class though. (forgot, on the way to class I met some girl who thought I was one of her residents, ended up walking with her all the way to her place, nice but not my type). So I was a little fidgity and nervous, but excited. I eventually chilled out and hit my groove in my next class. But that was the end of it. No more class. Hung out with a buddy of mine who I hadn't seen in awhile, hung out with the roommate, went and chilled with friends and talked a little game and girls and such. It was a solid night.

More class today. My goal is to get a number of a hottie who could be a gatekeeper to more. I want more hot female friends, gotta turn my school into a veritable farm where I take the time to plant the seeds, then reap the crop when it's good and ready.

Sidenote: Fill in more gaps to the subgoals of your overall goal, so you've got a clearly defined path the the large goal9 months from now.

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