Saturday, August 23, 2008


Last night was my VIP night at McFaddens. No cover for me and anybody who says my name at the door. Good times. It was also their mardigras night.

Pineapple came and picked me up along with a buddy of mine and we headed downtown, took a stop at the boiler room. I always have fun at this place, and my best set of the night, where I worked hardest on the things I set out to try. This girl, Xena, tries to get by me, and says excuse me, I replied "You're not excused" and we started talking. I don't remember all of what she said or me for that matter, but some highlights: I worked on doing mini takeaways like she was losing my attention and had to grab it back, by suddenly looking around the room, or when I got a text message I took the time to read and reply to it. I don't think I really had a method to what I was doing, but it seemed to be working. At one point she asked me to take part in something with her, I thought she said a "covert Op" and I said I was stoked, and we needed callsigns. I told her mine would be Dasani (original right) and she decided hers would be Xena Warrior Princess. I tried to get her to do the eiyeiyeiyeiey thing that Xena does, but she didn't. We parted ways after a respectable interaction, I worked in a bunch of mini takeaways and did my best to hold back on the kino and use my body language not to display full interest by turning away slightly when I wouldn't get compliance.

I grabbed her whole groups attention on my way out and invited them all to come to my VIP event, all they had to do to get in for free was say my name at the door. They were all stoked, and I told the guy next to me my name, Xena perked up "wait, whats your name!"

On the way to Mcfaddens I yelled across the street at a hot two set to come join McFaddens, they just needed my name. they asked for it and said later, I said no.

Got inside, moved around, met up with several of the guys from the lair though I really only spent time with D and Pineapple. I didn't have very many committed sets tonight, I felt like I'd trained myself to be a 15 second champ. I'd go in, throw some stuff out, and be out. I'm not really picking my sets either. I have GREAT situational abilities, and can often run great sets off of totally random things (for instance, I touched hands with a girl on accident as we ended up walking together, and turned to her and said "well I guess we can hold hands" and grabbed her hand and walked with her the next 10 feet), however picking a set and going in with an opener often befuddles me. I'm thinking too hard, I realized on my way home that I didn't even think to use standard openers that I use to get warmed up, things like where is the bathroom, what other clubs are good around here, how long until I can sing karaoke, etc.

I did a little winging where I helped one of the guys from the lair get some good time in his two set, interrupted by a guy, by complimenting him on his jeans and having a whole conversation about jeans. I pawned him onto some other girls who were part of his group, and moved in to occupy the obstacle of the other PUA, talking to her about button down fly's on jeans. She said they were sexy, I mock got on my knees and 'undid' her fly to show her about going down on guys. I was qualifying her on going down on me within a minute of talking to her. "We wouldn't get along"
"because you just said you'd never go down on a guy and that's crucial for me!"
"I have a fiance! THATS why I can't go down on you!"

There was some dude who was coming on STRONG to this group who looked like they didn't want him there, I waited for 30 seconds or so and decided to do something about it. I walked in and started talking to him about his shirt, then the hottie perks up and says "I picked it out!" turns out they were together, maybe having a fight, not sure, but the blond, MILF, turns and starts talking to me and I pulled her in and out of the group, back into a locked in position against a pole. She starts just firing questions at me rapid fire, I stop her at one point and have her tell me something about herself, and I wish I had the exact response but it was something to the effect of "I'm a successful investment broker for a top company here in portland, that guy you were talking to is my employee, I work out, money money money" She was 35 and very sexy for her age, great body, I told her this, another minute or so into the conversation she says blah blah well you're hot, blah blah, I thanked her for the compliment and moved to isolate her in the outside area "hey I havent been outside yet, have you? lets check it out" she is compliant, then the former hottie comes in and becomes the cock block from hell "No, no sorry, she's coming with me, goodbye." In a very commanding, almost annoyed tone, and pulls MILF away from me. MILF pulls my head in close and says "I'll come find you in half an hour."

Well I couldn't leave it up to chance, it was too much of an opportunity to just ignore, so I moved around a bit, came back, and pulled her away from her group discretely. Actually not really, I had a great move in mind, but what happened was I tripped on my way to grab her, wrapped my arms around her to keep myself from falling, turned her in a 180 away from the guys talking to her and pulled her away. She had in the meantime been clawing in and flirting with about every guy who went by, this woman wanted to get FUCKED. According to her, her brother and friend were both there, and very protective "which is why [she] doesn't date" I had her give me her number, she did. I moved off.

Later, the other PUAs pushed me into grabbing her and going for the pull, the problem being transportation, though I was considering a cab. When the time came I pounced, just grabbed her hand and pulled her through the crowd to the outside area. She was very compliant, but she never squeezed or held tight with her hand, I found this odd. We got outside and danced together for a moment and I tried a Ratisse primer, "MILF you better stop dancing with me like this...Otherwise I'm going to end up taking you outside and pulling you home." she replied "That might not be so bad."
"Well lets go get stamped for reentry, and go around the corner for a bite, I know a place, we can come back in later"
"OK, I like your style, Dasani"

I took her hand (same hand pressure) and walked her through the crowd, but then there was a massive people road block that I couldn't get through. She said she saw her brother waving her back over and had to go. I smelled bs but I couldn't see to find out, and it didn't matter anyway.

I met up with the other guys and headed out.

It's important to note that the entire night I varied between a positive energetic state where I was saying things like "TELL MY FRIEND HOW HOTT HE IS, RIGHT NOW!" to which the girl laughed hard, but still cringed in literal fear as I screamed this out over and over (I had a girl do this to me once when she picked up the phone of a girl i was calling while my girl was in the bathroom, she was drunk, i wasn't), and relative neutrality, where nothing effected me positively or negatively.

I find it difficult to work in that neutral state, being interested in who I'm talking to or what is coming out of my mouth becomes a challenge. The trade off is that bad things don't usually effect me very hard if at all, though it's hard to find the motivation to try ballsy things or go for "harder" sets when I'm in that state. Even when that MILF told me I was hott, and I was within inches of pulling her out, I felt no state change, positive or negative. I was just stuck in neutral.

Some miscellaneous things I learned:
*Guys are incredibly easy to win over. A friendly word, a high five, and maybe a compliment, and they suddenly become my best bud and ask me my name.
*Getting guys out of the way technique (learned this awhile ago and forgot to write about it). When I'm in a good positive state, projecting and smiling, I make eye contact with the guy in front of me, then flick my head back, the acknowledgement flick. He flicks it back and moves aside. Simple as that. It works almost too well.

I swear I learned more than that...

Work on:
*Takeaways/attention/the kino involved with these
*Picking my set and opening, rather than letting the set pick me with perfect opening logistics. Gotta just push through that small amount of fear, remember, a year ago you could never have gone out and actually had a good time at your night out and talked with so many strangers(and despite the oppressive neutral emotion, I did have a good time).

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